Visa-free Access For Ordinary Passport Holders From Singapore, Brunei and Japan

1. Ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan enjoy visa- free access to China for up to 15 days for business, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends or transit purposes. They can enter and exit from Chinese ports that are open to foreigners. The duration of 15 days will be counted from the date of entry.

2. Visas are required for ordinary passport holders who plan to stay in China for more than 15 days. Those who come to China for education, employment, permanent residence, news coverage purposes or diplomatic /official passport holders still need to apply for visas at the nearest Chinese diplomatic and consular missions before entry. 

3. Visa matters concerning resident members of the representative offices of the civil aviation administration, and air crewmembers from Singapore, Brunei and Japan shall still be dealt with in accordance with the relevant mutual agreement between China and Singapore, or China and Brunei, or china and Japan

4. Those who enter into China by visa-free access but need to stay in China for more than 15 days after entry should apply for visas at local exit and entry administrative offices of the public security departments. Whoever illegally overstays in China may be subject to penalties by the public security departments or border checkpoints, in accordance with relevant regulations.

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