Office Spokesperson Addresses Questions from the Press

  Q: Several foreign governments, consulates-general in Hong Kong, institutions, and individuals made comments recently to question, in a baseless manner, the judicial ruling of the Court of Appeal of Hong Kong High Court on the three men including Joshua Wong. They made such comments in disregard of the facts, the judicial independence in Hong Kong and the basic norms governing international relations. What is your take on it?

  Spokesperson: The MFA Spokesperson and the Commissioner's Office have already stated the firm opposition to the interference in Hong Kong affairs by foreign forces. Here I wish to stress that Hong Kong is under the rule of law. Its residents' rights of expression, assembly, demonstration and protest are fully protected by the Basic Law and other laws in Hong Kong. This being said, in exercising his or her rights, no one shall go beyond the legal boundaries. Nor shall anyone conduct unlawful, violent activities under the guise of "democracy", "freedom" and "human rights". Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. We are firmly against the interference by any foreign governments, institutions, organizations or individuals in whatever form in Hong Kong's judiciary, Hong Kong affairs or China's domestic affairs. We solemnly request the relevant countries to abide by the basic norms governing international relations, and stop and correct their erroneous deeds.

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