Commissioner's Office: Foreign Government Institutions in Hong Kong Need to Respect HKSAR Government's Lawful Banning of Separatist Group

  Question: The spokesperson of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong made comments on the Hong Kong SAR Government's banning of the Hong Kong National Party on 24 September, claiming that "the decision of the Hong Kong Government to ban a political party is inconsistent with those important shared values (of freedom of expression and freedom of association)". What is your comment on that?

  Commissioner's Office: The Hong Kong National Party is an unlawful society with no registration. Since its inception, the Party has been engaged in separatist activities in an organized and premeditated manner. What the Party has done seriously contravenes the Chinese Constitution, Hong Kong Basic Law and related laws in Hong Kong, and gravely undermines the state sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. It has blatantly crossed the bottom line of "one country, two systems". We firmly support the SAR Government's in making the decision to ban the Hong Kong National Party in accordance with the law and legal procedures.

  Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong, with "one country" serving as the prerequisite to the "two systems". We urge the related foreign government institutions in Hong Kong to respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, respect the international law and norms governing international relations, and respect the lawful banning by the SAR Government of the separatist group for "Hong Kong independence". We urge the related institutions to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China's domestic affairs under the guise of "freedom of expression and association", and refrain from sending erroneous messages to the forces for "Hong Kong independence". We urge them to take concrete actions to honor their commitment to supporting "one country, two systems" and rendering no support to "Hong Kong independence".

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