Commissioner Hosts Seminar featuring HK-based Indonesian Businesses

  0n 2 August 2018, Commissioner Xie Feng hosted the Seminar on Tripartite Cooperation featuring Indonesian Consulate General, business chambers and companies in Hong Kong.

  Commissioner Xie noted that since the inception of the "mainland plus Hong Kong plus Belt and Road countries" tripartite cooperation mechanism, it has received positive response and extensive participation from the three parties. As a large player in ASEAN, Indonesia has great market potential and abundant investment opportunities. China-Indonesia relations are at best in history. The bilateral cooperation on building the Belt and Road has yielded fruitful results. The tripartite cooperation featuring the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Indonesia enjoys opportune time, sound geo-position and popular support. Thus it has every reason to become the pioneer, serve as a fine example and reap the early harvest.

  The representatives from the Indonesian side said that the tripartite cooperation model is innovative and promising, and could pave a new way for Indonesia to take part in Belt and Road construction. With its unique strength in finance and professional services, HK may play an important role in China-Indonesia cooperation. The two sides exchanged views on infrastructure building, industrial park, e-commerce, integrated logistics, finance and other areas of cooperation, and made constructive proposals.

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