The Commissioner's Office Tells US Senator Cruz: Take off your black clothes, remove your black hand, and stop running amok on China's land

In reply to the ludicrous remarks by US Senator Ted Cruz in Hong Kong, the spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office said that Cruz told blatant lies without conscience, staged political shows in Hong Kong, acted as a cheerleader for the violent extremists, and arbitrarily pointed fingers at Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs as a whole. We express strong indignation over and condemn Cruz's remarks, which have openly trampled upon international law and basic norms governing international relations.


The spokesperson pointed out that Cruz claimed he had not seen violence on the part of the protesters, while there is ironclad evidence of extremist violence constantly used by black-clad rioters. He also shamelessly accused the Hong Kong police, who have enforced the law with utmost restraint despite the immense pressure, of "brutality and oppression". Such clumsy attempts at mud-slinging show no sense of justice or morals at all and are simply disgusting. Moreover, Cruz glossed over the rioters' unbridled actions to defy the rule of law and threaten public safety for the purpose of seizing jurisdiction with violent means and destroying "One Country, Two Systems", glorified them instead as "stand[ing] up for human rights and democracy", and fired malicious allegations against the Central and the SAR governments. Such evil intentions and despicable tactics, however, can fool no one in the world.


The spokesperson emphasized that facts cannot be easily denied. It is exactly because foreign forces have eagerly acted as the mouthpiece and umbrella for the violent extremists that the rioters in Hong Kong are emboldened to violate the law, and it is exactly because these forces have colluded with anti-China troublemakers in Hong Kong that we are seeing the heartbreaking chaos in the city. All Chinese people including Hong Kong compatriots are resolutely against provocation by lying politicians like Cruz, and are rock-firm in defending our national sovereignty and security and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability. We urge Cruz and his ilk to take off their black clothes and remove their black hand from Hong Kong affairs. China's territory is not somewhere they can run wild.

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