Spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office: Violence Must be Stopped and Crime Punished

The spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office condemned and firmly opposed the latest remarks on Hong Kong affairs by the US Department of State, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and some politicians in the two countries, which have distorted the truth and confounded right with wrong.


The spokesperson said that the black-clad rioters in Hong Kong have ramped up violence in recent days, committing vandalism and arson across the city, hurling petrol bombs into operating metro trains, and beating up and even torching alive citizens with different opinions. Such brutality is no different from terrorism, has gone far beyond the scope of "peaceful assembly" and "freedom of speech", and has plumbed the depths of immorality. Some American and British politicians, however, have confounded the police's efforts to enforce the law and stop the chaos with the rioters' frantic and inhumane violent acts, which only proves again that they are colluding with and endorsing the violent criminals. Such acts will definitely be denounced by Hong Kong citizens and the international community.


The spokesperson pointed out that violence must be stopped and crime punished. We urge again the relevant politicians in the US and the UK to reject double standard and hegemonic mindset, stop hindering the SAR Government's endeavor to unite society to stop violence and the chaos, and rid themselves of the wishful thinking that they may gain selfish interests by meddling with Hong Kong affairs. We also call on the international community to see through these politicians' lies and ulterior motives, support the SAR Government in firmly stopping and punishing violent crime, and jointly prevent the spread of the virus of violence.

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