Spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office Slams Some Western Media for Distorting the Truth and Urges them not to Add Fuel to the Fire in Hong Kong

The spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office expressed strong indignation over and firm opposition against some Western media's false and misleading reports about Hong Kong, which have accused the police enforcing the law and stopping violence of "excessive use of force", glossed over and whitewashed the rioters' heinous crime of dousing an innocent citizen with flammable liquid and setting him ablaze alive, and attempting to snatch guns from the police and putting life risks to the latter.


The spokesperson pointed out that the selective reports and comments by some Western media on Hong Kong have distorted the picture grossly. Some have taken things out of context, highlighting police shooting on front pages, but saying nothing about the circumstances where rioters cornered and repeatedly assaulted the police officer, tried to snatch his gun and threatened the lives of the police and all other citizens on the scene. Some have shifted the focus, zooming in solely on the police enforcing the law, but mincing the words when it comes to the vandalism committed by the black-clad rioters and such brutality as torching an innocent citizen alive in broad daylight, and even doctoring the video to create an impression of armed police forcefully confronting "peaceful protesters". Some have confounded right with wrong, blaming the Central and the SAR governments for the situation citing groundless "surveys", instead of denoucing the rioters for escalating violent crime and trashing law and order. People cannot help but ask: Is that the professional ethics these Western media are proud of? Do they still have any basic sense of morals or justice?


The spokesperson urged the relevant Western media to immediately stop distorting the truth or pouring fuel on the fire in Hong Kong. Otherwise, they would only be condemned by all fair-minded people, including 1.4 billion Chinese.

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