Principal Official of the Commissioner's Office Condemns the Attack on Secretary Teresa Cheung as an Act of "Doomsday Craze"

A principal official of the Commissioner's Office expressed strong indignation over and condemned the attack on Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheung when she was attending an event in London on 14 November, which caused her serious bodily harm.


The principal official said that the deliberate attack on Secretary Cheung is an outright violation of law and has plumbed the depths of degradation and immorality. Such despicable acts are unacceptable in any country or civilized society. We urge the British government and police to discharge their duties and hold the criminals accountable.


The principal official pointed out that what has happened has shown it more clearly that the rioters in Hong Kong are by no means having peaceful protests, but are committing extremist violent crime of threatening and depriving others of democracy, human rights, freedoms and safety. They have tested the limits of human morals and frantically defied the law.


The principal official said that violent crime is not only a virus detrimental to Hong Kong but also a common enemy to humanity. We condemn the foreign forces who have colluded with Hong Kong rioters, and condoned and provoked violence. We call on the international community to jointly stop street violence and say no to violent crime.


The principal official emphasized that the rioters are gripped by "doomsday craze" in their savage acts. The Chinese government is rock-firm in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, in implementing the policy of "One Country, Two Systems", and in opposing any foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs. We will continue to firmly support Chief Executive in leading the SAR Government to govern in accordance with the law, the Hong Kong police in strictly enforcing the law, and the Hong Kong judiciary in putting the violent criminals to justice.  


The Commissioner's Office has lodged stern representations with the British Consulate-General in Hong Kong.

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