Principal Official of the Commissioner's Office Strongly Condemns the US Senate's Passage of Hong Kong-related Bills: Stop Now, or Prepare for the Consequences

On the US Senate's passage of Hong Kong-related bills including the "Hong Kong human rights and democracy act", a principal official of the Commissioner's Office stated that Hong Kong is part of China, and American politicians have no right to point fingers at Hong Kong affairs with domestic law. The bills have grossly interfered with China's internal affairs, and trampled upon international law and basic norms governing international relations. We firmly oppose and condemn them. If the US is bent on going down the wrong path, China will definitely take effective countermeasures.


The principal official pointed out that human rights have been safeguarded, democracy has made progress and the practice of "One Country, Two Systems" has been a universally recognized success since the return of Hong Kong. The problem facing Hong Kong now is by no means about human rights or democracy, but about the plot of the anti-China forces in the city to overthrow the legitimate government and the "One Country, Two Systems" framework using violent means. Some American politicians, however, have distorted the truth on the pretext of protecting human rights and democracy, colluded with the troublemakers in Hong Kong, exploited the unrest for their political advantage, and attempted to impede China's development with the Hong Kong issue. Such hypocritical and despicable acts are deplorable and futile.


The principal official said that by advancing the bills in total disregard of the interests of the majority of Hong Kong citizens as the city is sliding into the abyss of terrorism, the American politicians are providing a shelter for the rioters, putting obstacles in the SAR Government's efforts to stop violence and end the chaos, intimidating the just people safeguarding law and order, and acting against the will of all Chinese people, including our Hong Kong compatriots. Solid is the evidence of the evil committed by the black hand behind the chaos, which can be justified by no excuse.


The principal official said that it is in the common interest of the international community to ensure Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and greater success of "One Country, Two Systems". By undermining Hong Kong's status as an international financial, shipping and trading center with the bills, the American politicians will inevitably harm the interests of other countries in Hong Kong, including the US itself. It does nobody good and will only be denounced in unison by the international community.


The principal official emphasized that as a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong is not somewhere American politicians can run wild. We are rock-firm in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, rock-firm in implementing "One Country, Two Systems", and rock-firm in opposing any external interference in Hong Kong affairs. Any external coercion or pressure will not subdue the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including our Hong Kong compatriots. We urge the US to stop advancing the bills immediately. Otherwise, it would have to sow what it reaps. And don't complain it has not been warned before.

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