Commissioner Xie Feng Summoned US Consul-General to Hong Kong Hanscom Smith to Lodge Stern Representations over US Senate's Passage of Hong Kong-related bills

On 20 November, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to the HKSAR Xie Feng summoned US Consul-General to Hong Kong Hanscom Smith to lodge stern representations over and express firm opposition against the US Senate's passage of the Hong Kong human rights and democracy act against the will of the international community, which is a gross interference in Hong Kong affairs, China's internal affairs, and a grave violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations.


Commissioner Xie Feng said that the act is against the 7.5 million Hong Kong citizens. Violence is the common enemy to Hong Kong society. By advancing the bill, some American politicians have chosen to stand with the rioters. Although the bill is packaged as "Hong Kong human rights and democracy act", it has essentially deprived Hong Kong citizens of human rights and democracy. What it truly stands for is the "rogue democracy", "right to rioting" and "freedom to harm others" of a handful of rioters, at the expense of the majority of Hong Kong citizens' rights to subsistence, safety and work and freedom of expression, and their basic rights to make a living, go to school, or simply move around. The provisions have provided a shelter for the rioters, put obstacles in the SAR Government's efforts to stop violence and end the chaos, and intimidated the just people safeguarding law and order. The aim is to fan the flames, and embolden the rioters to commit crime without scruples and endanger personal and property safety of the public. It comes as no surprise that the act has aroused indignation among the 7.5 million Hong Kong citizens.


Commissioner Xie Feng said that the act is against the 1.4 billion Chinese. The relevant American politicians have openly colluded with the opposition and violent radicals in Hong Kong, and attempted to play Hong Kong as a card to blackmail the Chinese government and people and to contain China's development. Such plots will remain a pipe dream and only backfire. The Chinese government is rock-firm in defending national sovereignty, security and development interests, in implementing "One Country, Two Systems", and in opposing any external interference in Hong Kong affairs.


Commissioner Xie Feng said that the act is against the international community. Violent crime is a scourge to the world, while prosperity and stability are our shared aspirations. But some American politicians have acted against the trend of the times, distorted the truth on the pretext of protecting human rights, democracy and freedoms for their own political advantage, and endorsed the violence by the black-clad rioters. It would not only harm Hong Kong but also cause the virus of violence to spill over, become complicated by populism, separatism and extremism, and ultimately bring disaster upon humanity. The politicians have therefore taken a significant misstep that will get the world nowhere.


Commissioner Xie Feng said that the act is also against the US itself. The US has a major stake in Hong Kong. Many people in the American business community and the Congress are against such political shows that do nobody good. American scholars and experts have made it clear that the act amounts to supporting the radical protesters in destroying Hong Kong, which would only hurt the US and the entire world. A growing number of members in the international community have also voiced opposition against the American politicians telling blatant lies and sowing more trouble, criticizing them for being "long-armed, blind to the facts, and black-hearted". The politicians are pursuing their political agenda at the expense of national and business interests, and will surely meet with stronger opposition.


Commissioner Xie Feng said that Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, and China's development achievements are not a gift from others, but the outcome of our hard work. China never bowed to external pressure even in difficult times, not to mention now. We will continue to resolutely support Chief Executive in leading the SAR Government in law-based governance, the Hong Kong police in strictly enforcing the law, and the Hong Kong judiciary in holding the violent offenders accountable in accordance with the law. We have sufficient means and power to maintain Hong Kong's prosperity and stability. 


Commissioner Xie Feng emphasized that any external coercion or pressure will not subdue the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including our Hong Kong compatriots, and no force can ever hold back the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We suggest the US avoid any miscalculation in this respect.


Commissioner Xie Feng urged the US administration to see the destructive impacts of the act, not to support or sign it, and immediately stop meddling with Hong Kong affairs. The US side should stop advancing the relevant bills and correct its mistakes. Otherwise, China would definitely take resolute countermeasures, and the US would have to bear any possible consequences.

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