Office Spokesperson Addresses Questions from the Press

   Question: The US State Department’s 2016 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices has one section dedicated to Hong Kong. What is your comment on it?

  Spokesperson: Over the past two decades since Hong Kong’s return, the Chinese Central Government has firmly implemented the principles of “one country, two systems”, “Hong Kong people administrating Hong Kong” and a high degree of autonomy, and acted in strict accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law. The Hong Kong residents enjoy extensive and profound rights and freedoms. This is an unquestionable fact widely recognized by the local society and the international community.

  In exercising its legal power mandated by the Constitution and the Basic Law, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress made an interpretation of the relevant article of the Basic Law, in response to issues surrounding the acts of certain Legislative Council members-elect advocating Hong Kong independence and insulting the country and nation at the swear-in ceremony. Such move by the NPC Standing Committee is absolutely necessary and timely, and can hardly be challenged, as it has demonstrated the firm resolve and will of the Central Authorities against “Hong Kong independence”, safeguarded the authority of the Basic Law and the rule of law in Hong Kong, and met the common aspiration of the entire Chinese people, including the Hong Kong compatriots.

  The US report made irresponsible comments on the human rights situation in Hong Kong and groundless accusations against China’s policies towards Hong Kong in disregard of the reality. It is completely wrong to do so. I wish to stress that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Hong Kong affairs are entirely China’s domestic affair, which no foreign government has any right to interfere in through whatever means.

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