Commissioner's Office: Firm Opposition to Smearing of China's Religions Policies and Freedom of Religious Belief by US Official Visiting HK

  The US "Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom" Sam Brownback made a speech at Foreign Correspondents' Club Hong Kong on 8 March, in which he made vicious attacks and smearing against China's religious policies and freedom of religious belief in China. The principal official of the Commissioner's Office made stern representations with the US Consulate General on the same day, expressing indignation and firm opposition.

  The Chinese Constitution and laws protect its citizens' freedom of religious belief. The Chinese Government protects citizens' religious freedoms and rights in accordance with the law. The Government has made a lot of efforts to safeguard the rights and interests of religious followers. People of all ethnicities and in all regions of China, including the Uyghur people and the Tibetan people, are fully entitled to freedom of religious belief as provided for by law.

  By making the related comments which are full of biases and hostility, the US official turned a blind eye to the facts, calling white black and causing confusion. We urge the US side to abide by international law and basic norms governing international relations, respect the facts, cast away arrogance, and stop viewing China through the colored glasses. We urge the US side to stop smearing Chinas' religious policies and freedom of religious belief in China, and put an end to interfering in China's domestic affairs under the excuse of religion.

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