The Commissioner's Office Denounces "Gangster Logic" of US State Department Spokesperson's Remarks

It is reported that the US State Department spokesperson said at a news briefing on 8 August that "leaking an American diplomat's private informationis what a thuggish regime would do" and that "American diplomatsmeet with opposition protesters, not just in Hong Kong or China". The spokesperson at the Commissioner's Office denounced the claim as a blatant slander against China, which has confounded right with wrong and again exposed US gangster logic and hegemonic thinking. China deplores and firmly opposes the remarks.


The spokesperson said that instead of regretting and stopping its arbitrary interference in Hong Kong affairs, which are China's domestic affairs, the US side has made venomous and unfounded allegations against the Chinese government for the leak of the information. It perceives China with malice, which again reveals its dark mentality.  


The spokesperson pointed out that the US State Department spokesperson seems to take it for granted that it is the job of American diplomats to collude with local anti-government and even separatist forces everywhere around the world. Such acts arbitrarily undermine other countries' sovereignty and security despite their opposition and indignation, and show little regard for international law and basic norms governing international relations, including non-interference in other countriesinternal affairs. The international community is all too familiar with the examples of such gangster logic and hegemonic acts, and knows only too well how much harm they have done to the world.


The spokesperson emphasized that what is done in darkness will eventually come to light. We again sternly urge the US side to abide by international law and norms governing international relations, and stop its wrong actions of interfering in other countries' domestic affairs and undermining their sovereignty and security. Otherwise, it would only shoot itself in the foot and meet with international opprobrium.

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