Spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office: US Politicians have Distorted the Truth and Condoned the Perpetrators
It is reported that Democratic Minority Leader of the US Senate Chuck Schumer, Representative Jim McGovern and a White House official have criticized the recent arrests by the Hong Kong police, painting the perpetrators as mere "dissenters", urging the SAR Government to immediately drop the charges and threatening with a bill on Hong Kong. In response, the spokesperson said that the remarks have distorted the truth, condoned the offenders, flagrantly interfered with Hong Kong affairs, which are China's internal affairs, and again revealed the hypocrisy, hegemonic thinking, and prejudice of American politicians. We deplore and firmly oppose such comments.


The spokesperson said that the SAR police have clearly explained the arrests. Violence is violence, and crime is crime, which cannot be justified by any aspirations. Would there be any respect for the rule of law and justice left if those who instigated and participated violence and illegal rallies were allowed to go unpunished? The relevant American politicians have smeared the SAR police's law enforcement efforts in their remarks, and their true aim is to embolden the offenders to continue stirring up trouble in Hong Kong and overthrow the rule of law here.


The spokesperson pointed out that Hong Kong is in the direst situation since its return. In contrast with the handful of people with hidden agenda, the majority who have a sense of justice will support the SAR Government in stopping violence, ending the chaos and restoring order. The future of Hong Kong can only be decided by the Chinese people, including 7.5 million Hong Kong compatriots. We are rock-firm in upholding national sovereignty, security and development interests, and maintaining prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. The Chinese people will never be frightened by any threats or intimidation.

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