Spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office Urges the New York Times to Stop Backing Anti-China Forces Who Attempt to Mess up Hong Kong

The New York Times has published false reports and absurd remarks on the Hong Kong situation in recent months, whitewashing Jimmy Lai, a leading anti-China activist who attempts to mess up Hong Kong, endorsing Joshua Wong and Alex Chow, radical activists calling for so-called "Hong Kong independence", and venomously attacking the Central Government, the SAR Government and the Hong Kong police. In reply, the spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office lodged stern representations with the newspaper, expressing strong disapproval of and firm opposition against its distortion of the truth.


The spokesperson said that the New York Times keeps confounding right with wrong in covering the Hong Kong situation, which has caused very negative impacts. It has turned a deaf ear to the strong and just calls of the Chinese people, including 7.5 million Hong Kong citizens, for stopping violence, ending the chaos and restoring order. Instead, it has presented a platform for anti-China forces and radical activists calling for "Hong Kong independence" to spread rumor and smear the Central and SAR governments, and spared no effort to package them as representatives of the majority. We cannot help but wonder what motives are lying behind and whether the newspaper has any morals. Also, the newspaper has openly glorified the violent radicals as fighters for democracy and freedoms, while slandering patriotic Chinese as "nationalists". It has watered down the astonishing crime of the rioters who have vandalized public facilities and assaulted the police and innocent citizens, while groundlessly accusing the police who have exerted utmost restraint under heavy pressure for excessive force. It has even cheered traitors like Joshua Wong and Alex Chow, who urged the US Congress to threaten Hong Kong and China as a whole by adopting the Hong Kong human rights and democracy act. Does the newspaper have any respect for journalism ethics, the rule of law and justice?


The spokesperson pointed out that Hong Kong is part of China, and its future can only be decided by the Chinese people, including our 7.5 million Hong Kong compatriots. We are rock-firm in upholding national sovereignty, security and development interests, and in maintaining prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. We urge the relevant newspaper to immediately correct its wrongdoing and cover Hong Kong in a responsible, objective and impartial manner. We also urge it to grasp the trend of the times and the true mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong, and stop backing leading anti-China troublemakers and radical forces calling for so-called "Hong Kong independence".

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