Commissioner's Office addresses the UK: No foreign interference will ever rock the firm will of Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and security


Hong Kong is part of China, and has returned to China for nearly 23 years. Nonetheless, the UK continues to issue so-called "six-monthly reports on Hong Kong", ignoring the fact and smacking of colonial nostalgia. The spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office condemned and firmly opposed such reports, which have interfered with Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs as a whole, and violated non-interference and other principles of international law and basic norms governing international relations.


The spokesperson pointed out that citing the Sino-British Joint Declaration to justify unwarranted remarks about Hong Kong affairs is a distortion of the fact. The Sino-British Joint Declaration is an instrument between China and the UK on China's resumption of the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong and arrangements for the transitional period. In its eight paragraphs and three annexes, there is no single word or clause that grants the UK any responsibility for Hong Kong after the city's return. Since 1 July 1997, all rights and obligations concerning the UK in the instrument have been fulfilled, and the UK has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or the right of supervision over Hong Kong. No foreign country, including the UK, shall meddle with Hong Kong affairs, which are purely China's internal affairs, under the pretext of the Joint Declaration.


The spokesperson said that since the unrest following the proposed amendment bill last year, hostile forces in and out of Hong Kong have kept committing violence and openly advocated "Hong Kong independence" and "self-determination". They have severely undermined the stability, prosperity and security of Hong Kong, threatened the red line of "One Country, Two Systems", jeopardized national security, and pushed Hong Kong to the brink. Unfortunately, the latest UK report has confounded right with wrong. It whitewashed the rioters who have applied the "burn with us" mentality in defiance of humanity, and condoned "Hong Kong independence" separatists on one hand, and smeared the Hong Kong police who have enforced the law with restraint and the Central and the HKSAR governments defending law and order and the red line of "One Country, Two Systems" on the other hand, exposing double standards and a motive to mess up Hong Kong and China at large. It runs counter to the dominant will of Hong Kong people for restoring order and stability, to the UK's commitment to respecting China's sovereignty and "One Country, Two Systems", and to the interests of international stakeholders.


The spokesperson said the allegation in the report that the national security legislation for the HKSAR would undermine "One Country, Two Systems", the high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong and its people's freedoms and rights is groundless panic-mongering. It is widely recognized that matters concerning national security fall within the purview of the Central Authorities, and legislating on national security by the Central Government is a common practice internationally, including in the UK. Nearly 23 years after Hong Kong's return, legislation required by Article 23 is yet to materialize due to obstruction by forces sowing trouble in Hong Kong and China at large, leaving Hong Kong an unguarded city in national security, rare in the world. Therefore, it is imperative, legitimate and urgent for the Central Authorities to establish and improve a legal system and enforcement mechanisms at the state level for the HKSAR to safeguard national security.


The spokesperson pointed out that political, business, legal and other professional communities in Hong Kong have expressed support for the legislation, and nearly 3 million citizens signed a petition endorsing it in eight days. All these fully show that the legislation is in line with people's will and the trend of the times. Some people in the UK, however, are attempting to obstruct the legislation. Do they want to see Hong Kong never able to fulfill the constitutional obligation to safeguard national security, turned into an independent or semi-independent political entity, or remaining unguarded and full of loopholes? Do they want to see the troublemakers unscrupulously collude to confront the country, and "Hong Kong independence" forces and extremists left unchecked in committing violent terrorist activities?  


The spokesperson emphasized that the Chinese government is rock-firm in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, in implementing "One Country, Two Systems", and in opposing any external interference in Hong Kong affairs. We urge the UK to step back from the brink, abide by international law and basic norms governing international relations, and stop impeding China's just effort to legislation on national security. Any interference that may undermine China's sovereignty and security and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability will be hit back by the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including our Hong Kong compatriots.


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