The Commissioner's Office strongly disapproves and firmly opposes US's vilification of Hong Kong Police's law enforcement actions

On 4 October, the spokesperson of the Commissioner’s Office expressed strong disapproval of and firm opposition against the US State Department spokesperson’s groundless accusations against the Hong Kong Police’s law enforcement actions, and urged the US side to immediately stop interfering with Hong Kong affairs on the pretext of human rights and the rule of law.

The spokesperson said that it is only legitimate, reasonable and necessary for the Hong Kong police to arrest people suspected of breaking the law for participating in unauthorized assemblies and possessing offensive weapons on 1 October. The rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents are enshrined in HKSAR laws including the Basic Law, but the exercise of any right shall not prejudice the rights of other individuals and public interests, still less violate the law. Hong Kong is governed by the rule of law, where all are equal before the law, and shall observe the law without any privilege. The law must be strictly abided by, and any lawbreaker shall be held accountable. The police’s law enforcement actions were exactly for upholding the rule of law, maintaining public order and protecting the life and property of the citizens.

The spokesperson pointed out that it is a common practice to arrest people for unlawful assembly in the US. According to media reports, in May, August and September this year alone, the police in the US made such arrests in Los Angeles, California, in Yavapai County, Arizona, and in Portland, Oregon. Ignoring the fact, however, the US side has openly applied double standards by citing the freedoms of assembly and speech to smear the Hong Kong police’s law enforcement actions against illegal activities, exerting pressure on the SAR Government, and accusing the Central Government of undermining “One Country, Two Systems”. Its true aim is to condone the anti-China troublemakers in Hong Kong, mess up the city and dismantle “One Country, Two Systems”.

The spokesperson emphasized that Hong Kong is part of China, and doomed are the attempts by some in the US to obstruct the law-based governance of the SAR Government, and damage China’s sovereignty and security as well as Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. The Chinese government is firmly committed to implementing the “One Country, Two Systems” policy and opposing external interference. We urge the US side to immediately stop meddling with Hong Kong affairs in any form and avoid going further down the wrong path.

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