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Commissioner Lü Xinhua Met with Vice Foreign Minister Kim Song Gi of DPRK

On 28 November, Commissioner Lü Xinhua met with the visiting Vice Foreign Minister of DPRK Mr. Kim Song Gi. Deputy Commissioner Li Yuanming and DPRK Consul General Mr. Kin Ik Song were present.

Vice Foreign Minister Kim Song Gi briefed the Commissioner on his visit to Hong Kong and Macau and stated that thanks to commitment of leaders of both countries, traditional friendship between China and DPRK have been further strengthened in recent years, witnessed by frequent exchange of high-level visits and the growing economic ties. As a part of China, Hong Kong has maintained prosperity and stability in the past 14 years since the handover, which symbolizes China’s overall development and vitality and proves the correctness of the policy of “one country, two systems”.