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Commissioner Lü Xinhua Met with Local Media

On 16 December, Commissioner Lü Xinhua had a gather-together with some local media to talk about activities by foreign consular missions in Hong Kong.

Commissioner Lü said, the Chinese Government supports Hong Kong's external exchanges and assists the SAR Government in expanding and strengthening cooperation with the rest of the world. Consular missions in Hong Kong are important representatives of foreign governments in Hong Kong and we support their positive role in Hong Kong's external relations. We are satisfied with their work. At the same time, foreign consular missions are requested, while performing their duties, to strictly abide by the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations and the international laws and universally recognized code of conduct, including bilateral consular agreements signed between their respective governments and the People's Republic of China. They should abide by laws of their resident country, especially the Basic Law and laws in the HKSAR. They should not, in particular, interfere in Hong Kong's internal affairs.

Commissioner Lü said, spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office, in his recent interview with the China News Service, explicitly stated that we oppose the practice of the US Consulate General of making comments on Hong Kong's internal affairs. The Commissioner has, on many occasions, asked CG Stephen Young and other American diplomats in Hong Kong not to make comments on Hong Kong's internal affairs. It is not appropriate for foreign consulates general to openly discuss about any issue concerning local elections. This is what we strongly oppose. Chinese diplomats in the United States will not make any comment on the Presidential election next year or on any candidate.

Commissioner Lü said that he took notice of Mr. Young's statements during his meeting with local media a few days ago. The US side, on the one hand, denies interference in Hong Kong affairs, but on the other hand, expresses views on "vote rigging" in the district council election and CE election. Cables disclosed by Wikileaks proves that the US argument of not having interfered in Hong Kong affairs does not hold water. We hope that the US side will truly be conscious of the issue and take actions to refrain from meddling in internal affairs of Hong Kong.

The Commissioner said that it has been 14 years since handover, and the principle of "one country, two systems" has been successfully implemented. With vigorous support from the Central Government, Hong Kong emerged stronger from the Asian financial crisis and other challenges, and has maintained lasting prosperity and stability. All countries, as beneficiaries from Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, should safeguard, rather than sabotage, the sound situation. It is hoped that all consular missions in Hong Kong will strictly observe relevant code of conduct and contribute to Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.

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