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Commissioner Lü Xinhua and His Wife Gave Banquet to New CGs

On 8 December, Commissioner Lü Xinhua and his wife hosted a dinner to the Consuls General of Nigeria, Belgium, Spain, Monolia, Mexico, Australia and Columbia, who arrived in Hong Kong during the latter half of this year. Deputy Commissioner Gao Yuchen was present.

Commissioner Lü welcomed the CGs and gave a short briefing on Hong Kong’s political, economic and social development. He expressed hope that the CGs would play their due role in strengthening links between Hong Kong and the countries they represent and stated that the Commissioner’s Office would provide facilitation to their conduct of duties in Hong Kong. The CGs thanked the Commissioner for the hospitality and expressed willingness to build closer ties with the Commissioner’s Office and promote relevant bilateral relations.

Before the dinner, the CGs also looked at the China Diplomacy photo exhibition.

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