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Commissioner's Office Held First Open Day 2010 to Welcome Shanghai Expo

The Commissioner's Office held its first open day for the year 2010 on the morning of April 10 to celebrate the upcoming World Expo to be held in Shanghai. A number of Hong Kong deputies to the NPC and CPPCC including Vice Chairman Gao Jingde of the CPPCC Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports, NPC deputy Yuan Wu, Vice Chairman Shi Xiangpeng of CPPCC Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese and NPC deputy Leung Lau Yau-fun, together with Director Chen Zijing of the Expo Affairs Office of the Government of the HKSAR, Wen Wei Po Director Wang Shucheng, Takungpo Director Jiang Zaizhong and over 200 members of the Hong Kong Association of Chinese Culture (ACCHK), attended the event.

Guests Taking a Group Photo

Guests were overwhelmed by a strong sense of Expo the moment they entered the Commissioner's Office. There was a banner with the words "Embracing Expo, Embracing Diplomacy" hanging above the entrance of the office building, with red lanterns alongside it and colorful flowers below on the stairs. The lovely Haibao waiting at the entrance was very popular with the guests and everyone would love a picture with it.

Guests were greeted by a 2-metre tall and 15-metre long Expo wall on the second floor showing dozens of major pavilions at the Expo, among which the unique and beautiful China Pavilion was particularly attractive. There was a model of the Hong Kong Pavilion opposite the Expo wall, delicately made and designed, and blown-up Haibaos and Expo posters and pulled-up pictures throughout the hall. Guests also got more informed of the theme, features, layout and event planning of the Shanghai Expo from the video on show.

Greeted by Haibao

Expo Wall

Commissioner Lü Xinhua delivered warm remarks at the freshly renovated press hall at ten o'clock sharp. Starting with the significance of the Expo, he interpreted a different Shanghai Expo to the audience in simple words. He explained that the upcoming Shanghai Expo would be the first Expo with the theme of city, the first Expo to be hosted in a developing country, another global event held in China after the Olympic Games held in Beijing last year, and an Expo whose scale and number of visitors will make history. The Shanghai Expo will be a significant platform for China to showcase herself to the outside world, and for the Chinese to know more about their counterparts in other parts of the world. The Expo in Shanghai will be the pride of China and the Chinese people. The commissioner emphasized the fact that President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao as well as other leaders of the Central Government attach great importance to the Shanghai Expo and list it as one of the priorities of the country. To make the Expo successful and service the Expo has been placed top on China's diplomatic agenda. He expressed the belief that the Shanghai Expo will be a great event to show not only economic, social, scientific, technological and cultural achievements, but also diplomatic success. He hoped that compatriots in Hong Kong would share the glory and the joy and stand testimony to historic moments. The remarks of Commissioner Lü were met with warm applause from the audience.

Commissioner Lü Xinhua Speaking

Mr. Chen Zijing, one of the major officials in the HKSAR Government responsible for Expo affairs, came especially from Shanghai to the Commissioner's Office for the open day at the invitation of the latter to explain to the audience the design, structure and exhibition plans of the Hong Kong Pavilion. He underscored the fact that the HKSAR had the strongest participation in Expo this time in Shanghai, as exemplified by its efforts to set the theme of "A City with Unlimited Potential", build the Hong Kong Pavilion by itself, and participate in the UBPA Exhibition and Expo online feature events, employing high technology to display the Hong Kong's brand new idea of "smart card, smart city, smart life". Over 55 events will be held during the Expo, with different themes for each month to show the creativity and culture of Hong Kong in various fields. His detailed and comprehensive explanation ignited the passion of many guests in the Hong Kong Pavilion.

On behalf of the guests, Mr. Gao Jingde, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports and ACCHK President, thanked the Commissioner's Office for hosting this event to give vivid and direct information about the Shanghai Expo to the people in Hong Kong, which would certainly lead to even greater public interest in learning about the Expo, seeing the Expo and enjoying the Expo.

   Mr. Chen Zijing from HKSARG Speaking            ACCHK President Gao Jingde Speaking


ACCHK members Mr. Lu Weihua, Tang Jiayang and Huang Zhuhe created a Chinese painting and two scrolls of calligraphy for the open day, hoping that the Shanghai Expo would "create a better life, and build a harmonious world", and that China's diplomacy would "foster a new situation with unity inside and harmony outside the country, and spread China's influence through exchanges with countries afar and integration with countries nearby". Other ACCHK members and diplomats from the Commissioner's Office sang and danced in the open day event, making the atmosphere even warmer and more joyous.

Exchanging Presents


Great Performances




Reporters from over twenty Mainland and Hong Kong medium including Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Shanghai TV Station, Fujian Dongnan Satellite TV, ATV, i-Cable, TVB, Mingpao, Singdao Daily and South China Morning Post came to cover the event.

ACCHK is one of the largest and the most influential non-governmental cultural groups in Hong Kong, with over 300 affiliate societies covering a diverse range of cultural fields and members from all walks of life in the society.

Deputy Commissioner Yang Zigang also attended the event and talked with the guests. Spokesman of the Commissioner's Office Song Ronghua chaired the open day, and received an interview by Shanghai TV Station during which he talked about the theme, special characteristics and specific arrangements of the open day and the series of public diplomacy events held by the Commissioner's Office regarding Shanghai Expo.

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