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Dear correspondents,

Welcome to report China. Our Department here is ready to provide assistance for your reporting and leisure tour to mainland China. We sincerely hope you to China in a comprehensive manner. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our telephone number is 852-21066165, fax number 852-21066153.

Best wishes.

Tang Rui
Director of the Department of Media and Public Relations

Correspondent service:

1 Visa application (limited to correspondents in Hong Kong):

a Types of visas

*J-2 visa for coverage in mainland China on a temporary basis

*F visa for short trips to the mainland, either for study or lecture,etc. purposes

*G visa for transit in China

*L visa for traveling, family visiting or other activities for private purposes in China

b Documents required

For J-2 and F visas, the followings are required:

*Application letter issued by the employer, in which the timing, venue, topic, purpose and the interviewee should be stated as well as the background of and contact information of the applicant.

*Invitation letter issued by the receiving institution, in which the timing, venue and the information about correspondents invited and their contact information should be stated. If more than one institution will be visited on a single trip, all the invitation letters and coverage schedules are required.

* A visa copy of the applicant

*Resume of the applic




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