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Number of entries/ visa validity/Duration of Each Stay

1.      Number of entries refers to the number of times that visa holder is allowed to enter the Mainland China within visa validity. Visa may automatically expire when the given entry times are used out, in such cases, it is necessary for visa holder to reapply visa before going to the mainland China for the next time. In case there is still valid entry left while the visa validity is over, reapplication of visa is necessary. Traveling on a visa with no valid entry time results in refusal of entry at the border checkpoint. It is therefore suggested, before departing for the mainland China, to double check the number of entries and the validity of visa.

2. Validity shown as “enter before” in visa refers to the time limit of visa. When there is still number of entry left before expiration, visa holder may still be eligible to go to the mainland China with the visa, and to be allowed to enter through the border checkpoint before 24:00 on the exact day of expiration. Visa expires after validity limit and cannot be extended no matter whether there is number of entry left, reapplication of visa is required. All visas come into force from the dates of issuance. Applicants shall bear consequences of the uselessness of visas caused by the changes of journey due to personal or third party causes. Traveling on expired visas will result in refusal of entry at the border checkpoint. It is therefore suggested to double check the validity to confirm the visa to be good to use.

3. Duration of stay refers to the maximum days visa holder is allowed to stay in the Mainland China each time, which is counted from the date of entry. If extension of the duration of stay is needed, application should be made at local public security authorities before visa expires. In case of overstaying in the Mainland China, which is against the laws and regulations on entry and exit from the Mainland China of foreigners, punishments such as fines will be made. It is therefore suggested to check visa to avoid overstaying in the Mainland China.




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