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Premier Wen Jiabao Meets with His Indian Counterpart Singh

On November 18, 2011, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh on Indonesia's Bali island.

The complicated changes taking place in international and regional situation brought new opportunities and challenges to both sides, Wen said. As neighbors and two most populous developing countries, China and India's peaceful coexistence and common development are in the common interests of both sides, and are of great importance to Asia and the world as a whole, he added. China will join hands with India to eliminate interference, pursue the path of friendship, mutual trust and cooperation, and push for new achievements in bilateral relations, the premier said.

Wen said there is huge potential for China-India economic and trade cooperation. He called on both countries to create more favorable conditions for free circulation of goods, technology, capital and services and encourage two-way investment and cooperation in projects contracting, so as to bring more benefits to companies and peoples of the two countries.

Singh said to enhance India-China strategic cooperative partnership is conducive to the two countries and their peoples, stressing that no forces could hold back common development of the two countries. He said India attaches great importance to relations with China and is ready to make joint efforts with China to implement consensus already reached. He vowed to further enhance mutual trust with China, deepen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in trade, investment and culture, and conduct closer communication and coordination on major international issues.

The two leaders also voiced support for work of the two countries' special representatives on border issue, saying they will push forward the solution-seeking process of the issue and maintain peace and stability in the border regions in concerted efforts.

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