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President Hu Jintao's Special Envoy Jiang Shusheng Meets with Argentina's New Vice President and Speaker of the Senate Boudou

On December 9, 2011, Chinese President Hu Jintao's special envoy Jiang Shusheng, also vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, met with Argentina's new Vice President and Speaker of the Senate Amado Boudou in Buenos Aires.

Jiang conveyed to Fernandez warm congratulations and good wishes of Chairman Wu Bangguo and Vice President Xi Jinping. Jiang said Argentina is China's trustworthy friend and partner in Latin America and that China has always attached strategic importance to developing relations with Argentina. He said as 2012 will be the 40th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations between the two countries, China is willing to make joint efforts with Argentina to enrich their bilateral strategic partnership and promote bilateral relations.

Boudou extended welcome to Jiang and asked him to convey his cordial greetings to Chairman Wu and Vice President Xi. He said Argentina has also attached great importance to developing its relations with China and considered it an important partner. He expressed Argentina's willingness to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China to deepen the bilateral strategic partnership.

The two sides also exchanged views on the current global economic and financial situation.

On the same day, Jiang also met with Argentina's new House Speaker Julian Dominguez.

Jiang congratulated Dominguez on his taking office as Argentina's House Speaker and conveyed Chairman Wu's cordial greetings and good wishes. He made positive comments on the bilateral relations between China and Argentina, saying exchanges between the two parliaments are an important part of bilateral relations. In recent years, the legislatures of China and Argentina have kept in close touch and maintained sound cooperation in international and regional organizations, promoting the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples, Jiang said. Furthermore, he said the Chinese National People's Congress highly values its communication and cooperation with the Argentine parliament, and is willing to keep frequent contacts with the latter to help bilateral strategic partnership develop better.

For his part, Dominguez thanked for the Chinese side's congratulations on his taking office as House Speaker and asked Jiang to convey his regards to Chairman Wu. He said the Argentine House is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Chinese National People's Congress to further contribute to the good relations between the two countries.

Chinese Ambassador to Argentina Yin Hengmin attended the above meetings.

Jiang arrived in Buenos Aires on December 9 to attend the inauguration ceremony of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez to be held on December 10.

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