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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on December 22, 2011

Q: It is reported that the European Court of Justice dismissed the lawsuit filed by the US airlines on December 21 with a ruling that the EU's charges on international aviation carbon emissions to be effective from January 1, 2012 do not infringe international law. How does China comment?

A: China opposes the EU side forcing through the unilateral legislation. We have made our position clear many times and conveyed our position and concerns to the EU through bilateral channels.

In fact, many other countries also object to this move by the EU. We hope the EU side will act prudently and properly settle this matter through consultation with all parties concerned including China in a positive and practical manner.

Q: It is reported that Japan yesterday once again detained the captain of a Chinese ship engaged in illegal fishing operation in Japan's territorial waters. Do you have any information?

A: The Chinese side is verifying the situation. We hope the Japanese side will properly handle the case and concretely protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese crew members.

Q: It is reported that some Chinese companies have reduced business transaction with Iran due to the sanctions imposed by the US and the EU on Iran. Is the Chinese side aware of that? Has China made any contact with the US and the EU?

A: I have not heard about the matter you mentioned. China opposes unilateral sanctions against Iran. China and Iran have normal and transparent business ties which are not against relevant Security Council resolutions and do not infringe upon the interests of other countries and the international community. Such ties also do not compromise China's position on non-proliferation and should not be questioned. China has kept in communication with all parties concerned over the Iranian nuclear issue.

After the press conference, the spokesperson was asked about China's comment on the progress made in the post-war reconstruction and social and economic development of Sri Lanka over the past more than two years since the end of armed conflicts in the country. Liu Weimin said that as a friendly and close neighbour of Sri Lanka, China has been following the developments in the country. Since the end of armed conflicts over two years ago, China is happy to see that Sri Lanka has made positive progress in social stability, economic development, post-war civilian settlement and reconstruction. We believe the Sri Lankan Government and people will be able to handle all related issues well and hope the international community will provide support and coordination to the Sri Lankan Government's efforts so as to create favorable conditions for national stability, construction and development there.

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