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Foreign Ministry Holds the Diplomacy Serves and Promotes Development Seminar

At the beginning of the New Year, the seminar on "Diplomacy Serves and Promotes Development" kicked off in Lanting, the Foreign Ministry on January 10, 2012. Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu, heads of departments of the Foreign Ministry, Chinese diplomats abroad who are currently in Beijing, officials of the Foreign Ministry seconded to the state-owned enterprises and local governments, representatives of relevant local governments and businesses, scholars and experts attended the seminar. Ambassador Sun Shuzhong, director of the innovation and practices committee of senior diplomats of the Foreign Ministry chaired the seminar.

Addressing the event, Ma said that Secretary General Hu Jintao stressed at the 11th meeting of Chinese diplomats abroad diplomatic work will be more closely linked with national development under new circumstances and must rely on development, serve development and promote development and effectively maintain China's development interest under the condition of all-round opening up, pointing out the direction for diplomatic work to better serve domestic economic and social development in the new situation. Under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Chinese diplomacy has achieved sound results of relaying on the state for development, serving development and promoting development. Firstly, diplomatic work helps build a sound international environment and favorable external conditions for the domestic development. Secondly, diplomatic work serves well the efforts of maintaining growth, transferring growth model and readjusting structure. Thirdly, diplomatic work pushes the global economic governance structure reform to achieve tangible results. Fourthly, diplomatic work facilitates the strategy of attracting foreign investment and making investment abroad. Fifthly, diplomatic work actively builds a sound international opinion environment for the domestic development.

He noted that China's reform has entered into a crucial stage and the international situation is experiencing profound changes. Domestic and international situations are more interwoven than ever before and China's participation in international cooperation and competition will be a more complicated process. Chinese enterprises and citizens have more diversified demands and diplomatic work has many new tasks to be address in order to better serve development and promote development.

He pointed out that diplomatic work must focus on the following aspects in order to serve development under new circumstances. First, make full use of the exchanges of high-level visit to promote pragmatic cooperation. We should expand cooperation areas, promote convergence of interest and deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields. Second, advance regional cooperation and the development of free trade areas. Third, prevent and manage external economic and financial risks. We should conduct more forward-looking researches on the major trends of external economic and financial situation and minimize the negative impact of changing external environment on our domestic economic and social development. Fourth, maintain our interest abroad, provide more timely guidance and services for local governments and enterprises, help them solve difficulties emerging in the process of external cooperation and improve the capacity of consular protection under new circumstances.



Head of the Department of Asian Affairs introduced the new situation, challenges and opportunities faced by China when conducting economic diplomacy with neighboring countries. Heads of the Department of Consular Affairs and the Department of Foreign Affairs Management introduced the efforts of the Foreign Ministry of providing consular protection, policy guidance and foreign affairs services for Chinese enterprises expanding business abroad. Former Chinese ambassadors to foreign countries shared their experience of economic diplomacy. Head of the Foreign Affairs Office of Tangshan, Hebei introduced the experience of local government of using diplomatic and foreign affairs resources to promote external economic cooperation. Representatives of officials seconded to local governments and state-owned enterprises talked about how diplomatic work can better serve local governments and businesses. Representatives of enterprises discussed the important role of the Foreign Ministry and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad of guiding and assisting Chinese enterprises to grow big and strong in overseas markets. Experts of the external economic research division of the State Council Development Research Center also addressed the seminar.

To support the seminar, the Foreign Ministry also held the photo exhibition of "Diplomacy Serves and Promotes Development". From four aspects of "promoting development", "safeguarding development", "maintaining development" and "serving development", the pictures depict the work and achievements of the Foreign Ministry and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad of serving and promoting development over the past years.

After the seminar ended, participants were invited to watch the 9th oath-taking ceremony of newly designated Chinese ambassadors and visited the history exhibition of the Foreign Ministry.

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