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Wen Jiabao Sends New Year Greetings to Overseas Chinese in the Dragon Mart of Dubai

On January 17, 2012, Premier Wen Jiabao went to the Dragon Mart, Dubai to hold cordial talks with the overseas Chinese there and send them New Year greetings.

Outside the Dragon Mart, the beating of gongs and drums resounded to the sky and flags were waving in the wind. The Mart was crowded with people radiant with joy. Wen listened with deep interest to the introduction of the Mart and talked to a number of shop owners.

He made a speech amidst applauses and cheers, saying that he was very glad to see the prosperous business in the mart. The ancient Silk Road linked the Chinese and the Arab people together. We are now building a new Silk Road. It is a road of friendship, a road of political mutual trust, business integrity, solidarity and mutual help between the Chinese and the Arab people and a road of exchanges among civilizations and cultures. He hopes the Chinese business owners gain friends and dignity for their motherland and peace for the world with the hardworking, brave and kind-hearted characteristics of the Chinese people, with quality products, projects and services and with the spirit of mutual respect and sincerity.

The Chinese business owners were very excited that Premier Wen took time off his busy schedule to visit them in the Dragon Mart and applauded warmly after Wen made the speech. They extended congratulations on the full success of Wen's visit and expressed wishes for the motherland to grow more prosperous and stronger in the coming year.

The Dragon Mart was opened in December 2004. It is the largest overseas Chinese market and the biggest commodity distribution center of China in the Middle East.

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