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Xi Jinping Inspects China Shipping Group's Los Angeles Terminal

On February 16 local time, visiting Vice President Xi Jinping, accompanied by California Governor Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Chairman of China Shipping Group (CSG) Li Shaode, inspected the CSG Los Angeles terminal. Xi shook hands with the officials of Los Angeles port authority and Chinese and foreign employees waiting at the terminal and waved to the crews of CSG's New Europe vessel docking in the terminal. Under the burning sun, Xi listened to the introduction of Brown and Villaraigosa on the terminal's experience of environmental protection, energy saving and job creation.

Xi spoke highly of the active role of the CSG Los Angeles terminal in promoting China-US economic and trade cooperation and increasing local employment. He said that the terminal has experienced rapid growth since it was built and its annual average container throughput has reached 1.5 million TEUs, accounting for one tenth of the container throughput of the Los Angeles port. Over the past 10 years, the terminal has contributed US$100 million of direct taxation income to the US federal and local governments and created many job opportunities for the local community. All the equipments here are fueled by propane, making it a successful case of clean energy utilization. CSG's success in Los Angeles proves once again the mutually beneficial nature of China-US economic and trade cooperation, demonstrates the bilateral cooperation potential in the energy sector and shows that more cooperation highlights will be created so long as China and the US seize the opportunity and make efforts in the same direction.

He encouraged the terminal to make further explorations and greater contributions to the development of China-US economic and trade cooperation and the building of China-US cooperative partnership.

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