Commissioner Meets Consuls General of New Zealand, Germany, Colombia and Austria

  On 13 September 2017, Commissioner Xie Feng met with new Consul General of New Zealand to Hong Kong Carl Worker, new Consul General of Germany Dieter Lamlé, new Consul General of Colombia Yobani Velásquez Quintero, and new Consul General of Austria Monkia Müller-Fembeck, and provided them with the Exequaturs.

  Commissioner Xie welcomed the new consuls general to Hong Kong, and briefed them on the speeches made by President Xi Jinping during his visit to the city. He also elaborated on the successful implementation of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong and noted that the Commissioner's Office will promote practical cooperation between Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the Belt and Road countries and strive for synergy out of the tripartite cooperation. The Commissioner's Office is ready to provide all necessary facilitations and support to the consuls general as they work in Hong Kong, and hopes that the they will earnestly observe the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the Chinese laws including the Hong Kong Basic Law and the local laws, focus on cooperation, and do more to promote the economic and cultural ties between their nations and Hong Kong.

  The consuls general expressed appreciation to the "one country, two systems" implementation and the achievements Hong Kong has made in its development, and shared their confidence about the future of the city. They noted that the "Belt and Road" Initiative tabled by China provides new opportunities for world development. They appreciated the new cooperation model proposed by the Commissioner's Office featuring "Hong Kong plus Chinese mainland plus Belt and Road countries" and looked forward to working with the Commissioner's Office to promote the tripartite cooperation for win-win outcome.

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