Guide for Foreign Domestic Helpers Employed by Hong Kong Residents Applying for Chinese Mainland Visas


The Commissioner's Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong SAR only issues short stay visas to foreign domestic helpers accompanying employers to the Chinese mainland for such purposes as tourism, family visit, and shopping. If the foreign domestic helper with a short stay visa works illegally on the mainland, the helper and her/his employer will face serious legal consequences.

1. Eligibility

a. The applicant must be employed by a Hong Kong resident who takes Hong Kong as his/her real domicile, and must have already been working for at least THREE months with the current employer.

b. The applicant shall hold a Hong Kong work permit valid for a minimum of two months, and return to Hong Kong before expiration of the Hong Kong work permit.

c. The purpose of entry can only be accompanying the employer to the mainland for tourism, family visit, and shopping.

2. Documents Required

a. Original passport valid for at least 6 months and photocopy of the passport data page.

b. One qualified photograph.

c. One application form truthfully, completely and clearly filled in.

d. Hong Kong ID and work permit of the applicant (both original and photocopy).

e. Hong Kong ID of the employer (both original and photocopy).

f. The employment contract (both original and photocopy).

g. Guarantee letter from the employer (format attached).

h. Declaration letter by the applicant (format attached).

i. Proof of residence in China's mainland (hotel reservation, the Ownership Certificate of House Property of the employer, etc.).

j. Further documents may be requested in each individual case.

3. Attentions

a. For the first time applicant accompanying her current employer, the applicant is required to submit the application in person together with her employer at the Visa Application Center.

b. The applicant shall enter and exit China's mainland together with her employer, and stay within the time limit prescribed by the visa. If the applicant has traveled between the mainland China and Hong Kong with high frequency or stayed for a long time accumulated over the past months, the application may not be approved until a few months later.

c. Even though all the documents are submitted, it does not guarantee the approval of the application. Whether to approve or not, or what kind of visa to be issued, will be decided by the visa officer taking into consideration all the relevant factors. Whether it is approved or not, the documents submitted will not be returned except the original copy of the passport, ID, and employment contract.

d. Based on each individual case, the applicant may be requested to attend an interview while carrying her passport at the Visa Office of the Consular Department of the Commissioner's Office before the deadline informed by the Visa Application Center. If the applicant fails to attend without any proper reason, her next application may be affected.

e. If the employer terminates the contract with the helper, the employer is required to apply for revocation of the helper's valid mainland visa at the Visa Office of the Consular Department of the Commissioner's Office; otherwise the employer shall bear corresponding legal consequences.

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