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Important points before visa application

1. Valid passport (at least six months before expiration) with at least two blank visa pages left and under good condition.

2.  Completed Chinese visa application form A and B with clean and tidy hand-writting, one colored passport photo taken in the last six months.

3. For additional requirements of documentaries, see section " Visa Categories and Requirements of Supporting Documents".

4. Applicants may submit the application in person or entrust close friends or some agencies (agents) to do so.

5. Applicants should be physically in HK before entrusting other people to submit their applications.  

6, Applicants with HK resident status should provide personal Hong Kong Identity Card and a copy of the said ID card, besides the passports and other required documents. Applicants have to write an authorized letter when they entrust people to submit the applications.

7, Applicants without HK resident status are required to submit their applications through the Chinese Embassy or consulate office around your resident country. 

8, Children, born in mainland China with Chinese ancestry, should apply the first visa back to their home country.

9, Applicants without HK resident status can not apply for multi-entry-visa at our office, and they are required provide their Chinese visa records during the submission.




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